Indian-Origin BBC Reporter Faces Racist Abuse In UK

An Indian-origin BBC reporter faced racist abuse on the streets of her hometown in southern England today while she was reporting on Brexit vote.

Will India Vote For an LGBT Resolution at UN

On Thursday, India will vote on a resolution at the United Nations that seeks to establish an independent expert on sexual orientation and gender identity at the human rights council.

Four Indian Startups That Are Fighting Cancer

Cancer research has set off a raging debate between entrepreneurs with a social mission and investors who sense ripe business potential.

Our Constitutional Time Bombs

There are clauses in our Constitution that are a cause for worry. Because we are forgetting the distinction between a principle and a law.

Inside India's Dying Irani Cafes

Persian-style cafes, known as Irani cafes, have been a part of Mumbai's culture since the 19th Century. But these institutions are steadily dying out.

Hands on With India's £3 Smartphone

Earlier this year, Indian company Ringing Bells said it was about to put a smartphone on the market costing less than $4 (£3).

India Must Rework Its EU Links

The UK’s importance as India's trade partner had decreased steadily over the past decades.

Indians Pick Paris as Destination Number One in Europe

Paris has emerged as the top destination in Europe for Indian travellers, closely followed by London.

India Might Get Fillip in Slowing UK Trade Post Brexit

Britain is likely to explore direct bilateral trade agreements with India which could impart a fillip to sluggish UK-India trade ties after the UK's exit from the European Union .
Tuesday, Jun 28, 2016 04:25 EDT

Top American Senator Wants Obama to Stop Granting Visas to Indians

A top American Senator has asked the Obama Administration to discontinue issuing immigrant and non-immigrant visas to citizens from 23 countries, including India.

Tuesday, Jun 28, 2016 04:11 EDT

For NRIs, 5-star Old-age Homes

The ministry of social justice and empowerment is in the final phase of setting-up old age homes with five-star facilities in the city for non-resident Indians.

Monday, Jun 27, 2016 03:47 EDT

London Holds Out Hope for Indian Buyers in UK’s Realty Market

London property market, facing headwinds over the past one year, is expected to slow down further after Britain decided to exit the European Union, property experts have warned.

Monday, Jun 27, 2016 03:32 EDT

Property-scouting NRIs Make a Comeback to Hyderabad

According to rough estimates, beginning January this year, sales within this community has increased significantly - between 25% and 35%.

Wednesday, Jun 29, 2016 00:00 EDT

Are China And India The New Colonial Powers in Africa?

While China and India’s trade with Africa does resemble the traditional model of colonial trade, it extends to investments and projects that aim to cater local demand

Tuesday, Jun 28, 2016 04:27 EDT

Brexit Effect: TCS, Infosys Investors Rush For Cover

The cost for buying downside protection for shares of India's major tech companies almost trebled on Monday.

Tuesday, Jun 28, 2016 04:15 EDT

India’s Best is Yet to Come: Narendra Modi

Pirme Minister Narendra Modi signals resolve to push through GST, speaks in support of Raghuram Rajan.

Tuesday, Jun 28, 2016 04:08 EDT

The UK-EU Divorce Will Leave Indian Exporters Bruised

Brexit will do no favours to India’s $9.3 billion (pdf) export trade with the UK.

Wednesday, Jun 29, 2016 00:00 EDT

Dubai, Hong Kon, Malaysia to Get a Taste of India's Amrapali Mango

The little-known Amrapali mango grown in Bankura district of West Bengal has now found buyers in Dubai, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

Tuesday, Jun 28, 2016 04:29 EDT

Fairytale Wedding For India Royals

India's royalty lost their official powers when the nation gained independence in 1947 but the modern-day maharajas are still wealthy and influential.

Tuesday, Jun 28, 2016 04:23 EDT

Dutee Chand’s Extraordinary Journey

rom humble beginnings to being the cause célèbre of a gender struggle, and now the first Indian woman to qualify for a sprint event at the Olympics.

Monday, Jun 27, 2016 03:52 EDT

Sprinters And Long jumper Qualify For Rio Olympics

It was a field day for Indian athletes as sprinters Srabani Nanda (200m), Mohammad Anas (400m) and long jumper Ankit Sharma secured their qualification for Rio Olympics as the number of Indian athletes going to Rio crossed 100 for the first ever time.

Tuesday, Jun 28, 2016 04:10 EDT

McDonald’s to Invest For Expansion in India

Indian food items like samosa or dosa on the McDonald menu would depend on customer feedback.

Monday, Jun 27, 2016 03:39 EDT

Indian Lady’s Finger May go Missing From British Platter

Exporters now fear a decline in demand for Indian vegetables like baby corn, chillies etc from non-Indians in UK, as the local food is likely to become expensive due to exchange rate related issues after Brexit.

Monday, Jun 27, 2016 03:29 EDT

Britain's Jewel in the Crown Now Looks Precious

Brexit is good news, in the long run, for some people. Indian companies and exporters are at the top of that list.

Monday, Jun 27, 2016 03:15 EDT

India Can Signal Solidarity With Both The EU And Britain

Should leverage goodwill with Brexiteers, move on a quick FTA, explore possibilities in C’wealth.

Tuesday, Jun 28, 2016 04:32 EDT

Facts That Prove Game Of Thrones Has Indian Connections

Game of Thrones has a pretty large audience, undeniably. And presumably a solid chunk of this audience is Indian - going by our sheer numbers.

Monday, Jun 27, 2016 03:13 EDT

Showing The World What Bollywood Can do

Her time in America has also made her appreciate the campaigning of performers such as Amitabh Bachchan and Shabana Azmi who want to denounce the use of the term Bollywood.

Friday, Jun 24, 2016 00:19 EDT

Salman Khan, Amid Controversy Over Rape Remark, Says Need to Talk Less

Actor Salman Khan, who sparked uproar by saying his heavy training schedule for an upcoming film left him feeling "like a raped woman", said on Thursday that he needs to talk less to stay out of trouble.

Friday, Jun 24, 2016 00:15 EDT

Alia Bhatt: Star Kid or Star Performer

Is Alia Bhatt the blueprint of the modern Indian heroine? We should hope so

Monday, Jun 20, 2016 04:09 EDT

Match Box Mania

A recent exhibition, titled "Matchbox Labels And The Stories They Tell", features some prominent trends and themes spanning the entire history of the matchbox industry.

Friday, Jun 10, 2016 05:49 EDT

Modi India's First Prime Minister Who Does Not Get Jet-lagged

Modi has just wrapped up a 140-hour-long trip covering five nations including the US, 45-plus engagements over five days and flew for nearly 44 hours, bulk of it at night, to cover nearly 33,000 kilometers.

Tuesday, Jun 07, 2016 03:00 EDT

Mexico's Ambassador in Delhi Rides a Rickshaw

Mexico's ambassador has been using an auto rickshaw instead of a car to drive around Delhi.

Tuesday, Jun 07, 2016 02:53 EDT

India’s Pocket Hercules Dies at 104

Manohar Aich, the bodybuilder who became the first Indian to take the Mr. Universe title in 1952 and won the nickname ‘Pocket Hercules’ for his tiny stature, has died aged 104.

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Ayurveda Goes Chic

The talk in champagne circles that ranged from botoxed bosoms to derma fillers, has quietly morphed to mindful massages and the benefits of Ayurveda.

India’s Smart Cities

The objective of India’s smart cities program is “to promote cities that provide core infrastructure and give a decent quality of life to its citizens, a clean and sustainable environment and application of ‘smart’ solutions.

Return to Organic

As a new generation of millennial Indians reinforced the concept of healthy, there has been a growing desire to bring back the simple, unadulterated techniques of the past.

Bottom Up: I Paid a Bribe

It is individual citizens who frequently feel the direct effects of corruption, so why not put the individual at the center of efforts to weed out corrupt practices?

Can Female Comedians Ever Make it in India

India’s gigantic showbiz sector, Bollywood included, has yet to throw up a single female comic celebrity, who headlines shows, programmes or movies, or has a popular fan-base.

Kohli Ke Peeche Kya Hai

A superstar in every cricket-playing nation, forever addicted to confront Mission Impossible and vanquish unreachable targets, Kohli has zonked every former great into gushing new superlatives.

Colorism: Universal Slight on Humanity

Discrimination against people based on the tone of their skin, a phenomenon called “colorism,” is evident across the globe.
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